Ante Natal Class #1 Labour

Don’t know what to expect from your NHS/NCT/Ante-Natal class? No, neither did I so here I share my thoughts and impressions on the free NHS option of which I qualified for three free sessions (I believe this changes dependant on location etc…)

I attended this first class solo as Adam (boyf) was working and we figured I’d go along and suss it out.

So, I arrived at a local children’s centre, the likes of which I’ve not set foot in since being a kid and, along with a couple of dozen total strangers, take my (child sized) seat and wait with my new co-students in anticipation for all my birth and baby related worries and questions to be answered.

Our first class focused on labour and was lead by first time presenter Amelia. She was lovely. And extremely nervous. Bless. It’s disconcerting enough finding yourself in a room of strangers discussing the most graphic and personal of matters without your leader blushing red and stuttering her way down a list of gory and explosive possibilities. Awks.

However, our collective maternal instincts ensured that there was so much ‘student participation’ and hilarity that she barely had time to speak. Half an hour in and the bond was formed. As a group we were in it together under the loose control of our increasingly confident leader Amelia. Even the bewildered ‘other halves’ were on board. Result? She triumphed! It was wonderful to watch.

The session was two hours more or less with a break intended for us to ‘get to know each other’ which given the Amelia situation wasn’t really necessary but nice none the less.

So, for your information I felt that these were the most valuable insights that Amelia shared with us:

  • You should take change with you to the hospital for the car park
  • If anyone wants to join you in the birthing pool they should not be naked
  • If you poo in the birthing pool they have a special net to scoop it out
  • You will poo, pool or no pool but you probably won’t know
  • Forceps are much larger than you’d think
  • Disposable hospital knickers are very uncomfortable and will make you sweat profusely if it’s warm.
  • You will not need breast pads in your hospital bag unless you are ‘leaking’ before labour
  • It’s a good idea to eat Jelly Babies when in labour

So, roll on next week when it’s all things breast feeding!

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