Top 10 maternity must haves

It occurred to me that given that pretty much everything about your mind and body changes in these 9 months, there’s really not a lot of ‘stuff’ out there to help you through it. You have to figure it out for yourself as you go, what does and doesn’t work/fit/feel nice/seem possible/make you feel sick. You’ll find masses of ‘must haves’ for your hospital bag and for when you bring baby home but not a lot of advice as to what might help keep you comfy for the 9 months prior.

‘Maternity wear’ is a bloody shambles. You have to heave your newly uncooperative self to that miniscule corner of Oxford Circus Topshop just to find all the same stuff that’s downstairs in the main shop that’s either super stretchy or super tenty and makes you look slightly mad and feel like you’re living in someone else’s odd shaped and awkward body. Someone with a totally different fashion sense to you. And lycra goes see-through when it’s THAT stretched. Come on Topshop, don’t ostracise us from shopping fun.

  • Looking back over the last 9 months, here’s the stuff that’s made it a little more bearable:
  • Gaviscon. Tablets in my bag and liquid by the bed.
  • Moist toilet tissue. Peeing 20 times a day takes its toll and they’re so niiiice and soooo cooool.
  • Slip-on shoes. Laces can do one from month 7 onwards.
  • Canesten for relentless thrush.
  • M&S cotton bikini knickers. Cotton because of the above. Bikini shape because they don’t cut into your bump as you grow. And who cares about a VPL, you’re pregnant for God’s sake.
  • A long bolster pillow for getting your leg over at night. Use it like you’re spooning it and supports you with all that goddamn side sleeping. And it feels kind of good.
  • My black ASOS jumpsuit. NOT maternity, just 2 sizes up and waistband free.
  • Soft, stretchy, crop top style bralettes. Saggy boobs? Maybe. Blissfully comfy? Hell yes.
  • Mango sorbet. By the bucket load.
  • A sit down hobby. I decided to start crochet in an attempt to make me sit, relax and chill. It’s infuriating and I’m shit at it but it works. And I made a very wonky and knotted ‘blanket’.

This could of course be just me but if you’re looking at a few more weeks or months and haven’t yet tried some of the above, I hope it helps!


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